Friday, August 17, 2012

The Name Game

People often ask me where and how I got my children's name. I wanted a name that I hope my kids would not hate when they're all grown up. Or something that wouldn't be used to tease them in school. I also wanted a name that is short and no 2nd or 3rd names. I had a couple of names in my short list. And I ended up with what I think is a good name for my 2 kids.

CB's name is of Welsh origin and means Ardour or Enthusiasm, which I think suits his personality well. As for BG, her name is of Hebrew origin which means God's Promise. I thought it's an appropriate name as we waited 4 years to have another child and God answered our prayer to have a girl this time.

Choosing a name for your child is something parents need to discuss thoroughly. Some would say, it's just a name. Sure it is, but sometimes a name can mean so much more.

Here are a couple of names I found while browsing online, which are quite odd...

Source: Oddee

I bet he gets a kick out of saying his name everytime...
"Bond... James Bond"

The parents of this guy must have been having a laugh when they thought of his first name and decided to stick with it

I'm not surprised there's a Filipino named after Batman's arch enemy. After all, unique names are quite common in The Philippines.

I feel bad for this kid... I wonder why his parents thought Voldemort is a better choice than Harry ?

And speaking of Harry...

Just like Joker Arroyo who has a brother named Jack (get it?), unusual names is very common in The Philippines. Parents get quite creative when naming their children. I mean, who wants a common name, right? Here are just a few:

One-syllable names:
  • Bing, Boy, Girlie, Ping, Babes
Repeating names:
  • Lenlen, Maimai, Ningning, Bokbok, Noynoy
Names with "H":
  • Jhun, Bhong, Lhen, Dhang, Mhar
Dessert/Fruit names:
  • Cherry Pie, Honey Pie, Apple, Orange, Peachy
Combination names:
  • Jejomar (Jesus, Joseph and Mary)
  • Luzviminda (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao aka Philippine Islands)
Full names:
  • Edgar Allan Pe
  • Kim Arthur
  • Chica Go
  • Mary Christmas Aguinaldo (gift)
  • Magic Chiongson
Whatever your name is, embrace it or change it, as needed.

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