Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ten on Tuesday #1 - 10 Favorite Cities

My 10 Favorite Cities:

I have visited all the cities listed here and I wouldn't think twice to go back or possibly move to one of these places. *grin*

1. London - shopping and sightseeing is the best here. wish we could move here!

2. Paris - oh la la! one of the places we went to during our honeymoon... i fell in love with this city!

3. Gold Coast - i love the beach! nuff said :)

4. Singapore - great transportation system and best airport in the world

5. Melbourne - my hubby's hometown and great for arts

6. Las Vegas - this city is open 24/7! it has something for everyone, not just for gamblers!

7. Sydney - it has everything - beach, mountains and the big city.

8. San Francisco - unpredictable, and that's what i like about this city.

9. Los Angeles - a dose of hollywood celebs and the shopping is great.

10. Manila - of course, my hometown! wherever i go, i keep coming back to this place.

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