Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mommy Moments #6 - Doctor, Doctor Am I Sick?

My little boy hasn't been admitted to the hospital *thank god!* but he's been taken in several times for check-ups. Last time we went to see his pediatrician, we found out that his asthma is just starting. The pedia asked us to buy a nebulizer and reminded us that anything can trigger an attack - dust, cut grass, pets, smoke etc. I got sad and wondered if he's never gonna recover from this, but the pedia said that it is better for kids to have asthma before age 7, because those who start late tend to have it for a lifetime. So I'm hopeful that his asthma can still be reversed so that he can fully enjoy his childhood.

The photos below are visits to the hospital, for laboratory testing and general check-up. I hope I never get to post any photo of my little boy with IV and tubes...

Makati Medical Center

We brought CB to the hospital, as per doctor's orders, to have his blood tested. He's been having some tremors, noticeable while he is asleep and I was worried it will stay with him 'til he grows up. I called up the doctor and he said something about a nervous system disorder and instructed us to bring him to the lab for testing. Cheeky Boy was all smiles at the nurses when we got there, but once he was on his back in the lab room, he started to cry and it took a long time for the nurse to get enough blood sample, it was so hard to hold him down. The results came out negative, to my relief, and the doctor advised to hold his arms and legs still whenever he has this tremors.
Thank God, those tremors are gone now and it was also a good thing I'm a paranoid mommy, always watching my baby whenever he is sleeping.

At the Hospital

Back at home

* * * * *

Western Medical Center-Anaheim, CA

A month later, my son had a slight fever and colds traveling from Grand Canyon to Disneyland Anaheim. We brought him to the Emergency Care just before midnight and underwent some lab tests and check-up. He was given an antibiotic for his throat infection and paracetamol for his fever. I'm so glad he wasn't admitted and was happy that there were a couple of Filipino nurses there to help us. We went back to our hotel around 2am.

Dadda and CB sleeping , while I was waiting for the lab results.


Chris said...

aww... its really hard when babies have to be taken blood samples.. i can totally relate with you there!

thanks for joining us again this week!

Hello my name is Miel said...

poor CB... just looking at these photos makes me sad. :-(

Yvonne said...

His Dadda was with us, and he couldn't go near 'coz I know it breaks his heart to see his little boy like that... Ditto!