Monday, February 28, 2011

Two Birthdays and a Trip

It's our birthday month! CB celebrated his 3rd birthday with a Toy Story theme at McDonald's. I made a Toy Story cake using a ready-made marshmallow icing cake and decorated it using a Toy Story poster and toy figures bought in a toy store. My little boy was so happy with all the gifts and toys he received!

A couple of days after, we travelled to Tokyo, Japan where my younger sister and her husband are staying for a couple of months for a short teaching stint in a University. Unfortunately, CB (cheeky boy) got sick and contracted a flu. It's a good thing my brother-in-law spoke fluent Nihongo, we didn't have to go to an international hospital for consultation. My little boy had to take Tamiflu, as part of his recovery meeds, though.

Oh, and I had a simple birthday celebration, got cool gifts (like Hello Kitty stuff LOL) from my mom and sisters. It was so much fun to be with my family again!

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